I think as we progress into this century, we will more fully understand how the human body and mind work, we will deeply understand who we are and what we’re made of, and we will more and more embed those principles and materials into the built world

– Hugh Herr

Bionic Leg – Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr

Hugh Herr is heading the Biomechatronics research group at the MIT Media Lab s an Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences.

An amputee himself, Herr has been designing (and wearing) bionic leg prostheses that, he says, “emulate nature” — mimicking the functions and power of biological knees, ankles, and calves.

The Biomechatronics Group seeks to advance the science of biomechanics and biological movement control, and to apply that knowledge to the design of human rehabilitation and augmentation technology.

He is creating bionic limbs that emulate the function of natural limbs.




He’s also created his own company: BiOM

BiOM is transitioning prosthetics into Personal Bionics. The company produces bionic propulsion technology to replace lost muscles and tendons. The BiOM T2 System provides power assist to enhance the mobility of people with lower limb amputations.




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