Today I want to show you this specific address which represents Live Cyber Attacks detected by Norse Corp.

It is seriously impressive and sometimes you can be the witness of massive cyber attacks!

Check this out Netrunners !

Live Attacks – world Map

About Norse Corp.

They define themselves as “the global leader in live attack intelligence“.

Norse offers proactive, intelligence-based security solutions that enable organizations to identify and defend against the advanced cyber threats.

Their infrastructure-based technology continuously collects and analyses real-time, high-risk Internet traffic to identify the sources of cyber attacks and frauds.

The Norse DarkMatter™ platform detects new threats and tags nascent hazards long before they are spotted by traditional threat intelligence tools. Norse’s globally distributed distant early warning grid of millions of dark sensors, honeypots, crawlers, and agents deliver unique visibility into the Internet – especially the darknets, where bad actors operate.

The Norse DarkMatter™ network processes hundreds of terabytes daily and computes over 1,500 distinct risk factors, live, for millions of IP addresses and URLs every day.

Norse Corp. Website Active Wirehead

Norse Corp. Website


For the most curious you can have a look here at Norse Corp’s blog. You have the last Threat Thursday Intelligence Report / January 2015


Darkwatch dashboard

Darkwatch dashboard


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