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Singapore – 01/12/2015 6:47 pm Local time- Raffles Place – Central Business District

Walking, on my way to my martial art training, Kali. As a member of “The Resistance” I switch my GPS location on my smartphone and logged in to have access to my scanner.  Portals are in range and I hack them. My hacks are successful and I received some items(programs). One of our resistance portal is missing some resonators. I add the missing resonators and also a additional shield and proceed to a link to an other portal of the Resistance. Three completed portal later,  we (The Resistance) now cover an area of Singapore that belong to us!

– xxx , “Member of The Resistance”

Ingress-join the Resistance

Ingress-join the Resistance

The Game

Ingress is an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role playing GPS-dependent game. Yeah pretty long for just a bloody mobile app ;p

The gameplay consists of establishing “portals” at places of public art, landmarks, monuments, etc., and linking them to create virtual triangular fields over geographic areas.

The necessary links between portals may range from meters to kilometers, to hundreds of kilometers in operations of considerable logistical complexity.

Official website :

Made by: Niantic Labs, or NianticLabs@Google (also known as Niantic Project)

Ingress Screenshot

Ingress Screenshot

The Story

So it is more Science Fiction based on Exotic matter and Alien or mysterious phenomenon. But I like the fact that you can also think about a gigantic, worldwide matrix where you can hack nodes to rule the world 🙂

There are two factions.

The Enlightened fight believing their actions will uplift humanity, and bring about the next chapter in human evolution,

The Resistance believes in preserving what freedom humanity has left.

Ingress - another world

Ingress – another world

The Rules

A portal with no resonators is unclaimed. Players acquire game items (resonators, weapons, etc.) by manoeuvring themselves into proximity to a portal and “hacking” it. Any player can hack any portal and receive items, subject to limits on frequency. Hacking an enemy portal earns the player action points, at the risk of being attacked by the portal.

If a portal is claimed by the enemy, the player must first neutralize it by destroying the opponents’ resonators and mods by firing “weapons” called XMP (“eXotic Matter Pulse”) Bursters.


So yes it is very addictive. You also will walk a lot because it is mapped to the real world (via google maps). So after work I usually walk a little bit more when I come back home to see if my portals are still active 🙂

Have a look on the Ingress Intel Map you will be impressed of the numbers of portals and links in the world!

So in the name of your Faction it is time to hack and claim your city/area !


Ingress worldmap

Ingress worldmap


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